March 6th 2017:

Today as the 45th annual 1,000-mile Iditarod sled dog race takes off in Alaska, I wrote this poem in honour of the many dogs who have suffered, been abused, and have died as a result of living the life of a sled dog and being forced to run a thousand miles in grueling conditions in long distance sled dog races - namely the Yukon Quest and the Alaskan Iditarod. I also wrote it to give a voice to the many defenseless sled dogs who continue to be abused and forced to spend their lives tethered on a 4 foot chain 24-7. It is further dedicated to the rescued 'Sleddies' who survived and in honour of those who didn’t.



“Because I am a Sled Dog” ©pj johnson March 6th 2017


because I am a sled dog

I have no voice

I can only speak to you

with my eyes

with my bark

and with the wagging of my tail


if I could talk to you

I would tell you that I worship you

and that my only wish

is to be with you

to be loved and adored

and to be wanted for who I am


I would tell you

I am a living breathing being

much like you

that feels love and joy and pain

and if I could only speak to you in words

I would tell you all these things


I would tell you I am here

to do your bidding

even if that means running a thousand miles

in a brutal race I didn’t choose to run

even if it means

I might suffer and die


for you are my world

my greatest joy

and I only live to please you  

I would protect you with my life

if you asked me to

all I ask in return

is that you love me back




January 20th 2017:

I recently attended an event hosted by The Yukon Government along with Parliamentary Poet Laureate George Clarke and Yukon MP Hon. Larry Bagnell where I shared a poem called "Colour Me Canadian".






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