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In this section you will find posts that promote animal welfare and others that sound an alarm to expose animal abuse. As an Animal Advocate I feel very strongly about the horrific abuse of sled dogs that is happening here in the north. You will find a candid article detailing my personal experience regarding what I consider a stain on the history of my homeland in the following section at ~~> Long-distance Sled Dog Racing Is Inhumane!


"“When I think of man’s inhumanity to the creatures with whom we share this planet my soul cries.” 
                             -pj johnson  Yukon Poet Laureate - Animal Advocate  



"As guardians of the creatures with whom we share this planet I believe we all need to become animal advocates." -pj johnson Yukon Poet Laureate


“Any industry that involves the warehousing of animals also involves pain and suffering to defenseless living beings.” -pj johnson


"I believe children should be taught to honour and respect all living creatures and that animal advocacy should be taught in schools from the moment a child enters the education system."                               
- pj johnson Yukon Poet Laureate & Animal Advocate



I recently spoke out against the cruel 'sport' of long-distance sled dog races at Poetry In The Park during a visit to New Westminster B.C. If you care about the welfare of all creatures with whom we share this planet I invite you to join me in speaking out for the voiceless by sharing this video. To share it just hit the little arrow at the top of this video.  #BanIditQuest


Yukon Poet Laureate pj johnson exposes animal cruelty in long distance sled dog racing!

There is always something you can do to add your voice and speak out for the defenceless. The smallest effort can make a difference in the lives of suffering animals. You can help to expose the horror going on behind the scenes in long distance dog races:  sign a petition, share a post on Facebook, write a letter to the editor, contact your local MP or city council.  Join me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/pjjohnsonYukon and Retweet posts from there. My handle is: @pjjohnsonYukon.  You can also type the hashtag into the Twitter Search Bar and you will find posts exposing the inhumane treatment of animals as well as others that promote animal welfare. You can Retweet them to others to inform, to educate, and to give a voice to the voiceless.  Click here ~~>


The horror is real. Let's get together to protect the defenceless and put an end to the suffering!


"If just one person stands up and speaks the truth, it can never be unheard. If many speak, it cannot be ignored." -pj johnson Yukon Poet Laureate & Animal Advocate


We need to question the SPONSORS of ALL long distance dog races and ask them why are they funding animal abuse! A list of sponsors for the 2017 Yukon Quest can be seen at:

Corporate Sponsors Include: Air North; Walmart; Ford Motors; Canadian Tire; Klondike Visitor Association; Tim Hortons; Bank of Montreal; Westmark and Boston Pizza.
Government Partners Include: 1st Canadian Ranger Patrol Group; Alaska State Parks/Snow TRAC; Bureau of Land Management; City of Fairbanks; City of Whitehorse; Dawson City; Fairbanks North Star Borough; Kwanlin Dun First Nation; Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation; National Park Service; Selkirk First Nation; Ta'an Kwach'an First Nation; Tr'ondek Hwech'in First Nation; US Army- Ft. Wainwright; Village of Carmacks.


"I will fight to protect defenseless sled dogs and to end ALL long distance sled dog races until the last sled dog crosses the last finish line." -pj johnson Yukon Poet Laureate #Yukon #YukonQuest #BanIditQuest #Sleddogs


This is 9 year-old Marley. He is not my dog - I am his person.♥