November 13 2020: Today I came across an old video of me singing "Yukon Trapper's Daughter" during a live performance filmed at Mt McIntyre Rec Centre in Whitehorse Yukon in 1993 - That was a year and a half before my formal investiture as the Yukon's first official poet laureate.



October 15 2020:

The 2021 Yukon Quest 1,000-mile sled dog race has been CANCELLED! Find out more in this recent update!  ~~>
Unfortunately the ban on my webite imposed by Facebook on this website is still in effect consequently nothing from this site can be shared on Facebook.
*If you haven't signed the petition asking Facebook to end the ban please do.



October 7 2020:


Perhaps you can’t expect to be a controversial animal rights advocate without a little blow-back. It’s clear that the Yukon doesn’t take kindly to animal rights advocates. At least not this one. Most recently:

  • My initial sled dog petition signed by 2,000 people in good faith was hacked.

  • The Yukon commissioner tried to pressure me into relinquishing my title as Canada’s first and longest-serving poet laureate.

  • My book “it’s howlin’ time!”, dedicated to the plight of the northern sled dogs has been blackballed because I am a recognised animal rights advocate.

  • The Yukon Quest 1,000-mile Death Race has announced the cancellation of the Yukon sector of the 2021 sled dog race.


FACEBOOK has imposed a BAN on my official website blocking all access to and from this website from Facebook - likely due to false claims being made against me by Yukon Quest supporters. - Censorship.


I'm calling on my friends and fellow writers, artists, and animal rights advocates to support me by SIGNING & SHARING this PETITION to have the unjustified ban that Facebook has imposed on my official website removed!

*Please sign the petition telling Facebook to remove the unfounded BAN on this website!



So they’re watching me. Let them - I know who I am

They cannot silence me

I will always serve as a voice for the sled dogs

My words will live beyond me

I remain

pj johnson Poet Laureate of the Yukon™ ~ Animal Rights Advocate

In other news: The Yukon Quest 1,000-mile sled dog race has recently announced the cancellation of the Yukon sector of its 2021 race citing Covid-19.


But the truth is that the cancellation is more likely due to the fact that the Yukon Quest is on its knees and struggling as board members resign, sponsors drop out, prize purses shrink, and the number of participating teams continues to dwindle. The Yukon Quest is up to its ears in debt and still insisting the race will be back in 2022.


This is a small victory. The Americans are hell-bent on running the race on the Alaskan side in February calling it the ’the Summit Quest’ - subjecting the animals to some of the roughest terrain in the world, forcing them to climb over staggering mountain ranges in extreme sub-zero temperatures tackling both Rosebud Summit, a 3,640 feet peak, and Eagle Summit, a 3,652 feet-tall gap through the White Mountains of central Alaska.


The petition asking the Yukon Government to stop funding the Yukon Quest has been signed by over 141,000 people from 170 countries on all 7 continents around the world yet – the Yukon Government continues to fund this barbaric event. Please sign & share the peition. ~~>


Long distance sled dog racing will be CONDEMNED by future generations. These barbaric events need to be BANNED globally. Too many dogs have died.



My Work in Print


September 2020: Two of my poems "Set Not Your Face in Grief" and "dwight" were recently selected to be included in the Canadian Issue of Time of the Poet Republic


September 2020: My poem 'because i am a sled dog' and the lyrics to my song “The Heart Never Says Goodbye” have been translated into Polish and published in the latest edition of the Bez {Kres} Magazine! The lyrics to my song "The Heart Never Says Goodbye" have also been translated into Greek.

On YouTube The Heart Never Says Goodbye and because i am a sled dog.

#Yukon #SledDogs #YukonPoetLaureate #Poland


It had to happen one day!



My new book it's howlin' time!

Treat yourself to a savory slice of Yukon straight from the Land of the Midnight Sun and a taste of the true north! it's howlin' time! chronicles the life & times of Canadian Poet Laureate pj johnson. Available at Mac's Fireweed Bookstore in Whitehorse:  and on Amazon #Yukon #Sleddogs #BanIditQuest #AnimalRights


A new poem written February 20 2020


We are all born equal. And then the world comes along and tries to tell us we are not.

          He was my big brother. His name was Dwight.


In today's world of nonstop judgement it’s all about racial inequality and gender bias. We are identified, labelled, and judged by the colour of our skin and for being the way God made us when in fact we are all born equal. I am a grateful member of the human race and that is how I identify.


My brother and I were throwaways. We both ended up in the system and the system wasn’t kind. Only one of us survived. This poem is based on a true story.




dwight was born bi-racial

at a time

when it wasn’t alright

to be bi-racial


dwight was born gay

at a time

when it wasn’t alright

to be gay


dwight’s mother

abandoned him

because she didn’t want

a bi-racial child


dwight’s foster parents

ridiculed him

because they didn’t want

a gay son


dwight's friends

beat him

because they didn't want

a fag for a friend


dwight jumped off a bridge

in vancouver in 1969

because he didn’t want

to live


he was my big brother

his name was dwight


all lives matter

©pj johnson February 15 2020



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