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September 2020: Two of my poems "Set Not Your Face in Grief" and "dwight" were recently selected to be included in the Canadian Issue of Time of the Poet Republic.


September 2020: My poem 'because i am a sled dog' and the lyrics to my song “The Heart Never Says Goodbye” have been translated into Polish and published in the latest edition of the Bez {Kres} Magazine!

On YouTube The Heart Never Says Goodbye and because i am a sled dog.

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It had to happen one day!



My new book it's howlin' time!

Treat yourself to a savory slice of Yukon straight from the Land of the Midnight Sun and a taste of the true north! it's howlin' time! chronicles the life & times of Canadian Poet Laureate pj johnson. Available at Mac's Fireweed Bookstore in Whitehorse:  and on Amazon #Yukon #Sleddogs #BanIditQuest #AnimalRights


A new poem written February 20 2020


We are all born equal. And then the world comes along and tries to tell us we are not.

          He was my big brother. His name was Dwight.


In today's world of nonstop judgement it’s all about racial inequality and gender bias. We are identified, labelled, and judged by the colour of our skin and for being the way God made us when in fact we are all born equal. I am a grateful member of the human race and that is how I identify.


My brother and I were throwaways. We both ended up in the system and the system wasn’t kind. Only one of us survived. This poem is based on a true story.




dwight was born bi-racial

at a time

when it wasn’t alright

to be bi-racial


dwight was born gay

at a time

when it wasn’t alright

to be gay


dwight’s mother

abandoned him

because she didn’t want

a bi-racial child


dwight’s foster parents

ridiculed him

because they didn’t want

a gay son


dwight's friends

beat him

because they didn't want

a fag for a friend


dwight jumped off a bridge

in vancouver in 1969

because he didn’t want

to live


he was my big brother

his name was dwight


all lives matter

©pj johnson February 15 2020



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