Hi from your daughter

Desiree | 11/05/2019

I'm awed by your talents. I too thank you for all the work you are doing to save the mushing dogs. I have the exact same love for animals. Thanks for that. Love you mom.

Hey girl!

Poet Laureate Donna Allard | 26/02/2019

Nice site Pj ... <3

Re: Hey girl!

pj johnson Poet Laureate of the Yukon | 28/02/2019

Congratulations on your recent appointment Donna. Well-deserved!

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RobertSluby | 16/06/2018

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Sled dogs

Andrew Wells | 23/05/2018

Disgusting is all I can say l am not as eloquent as you. Your poem is beautiful keep fighting there voice needs to be heard.

Re: Sled dogs

Andrew Wells | 27/12/2018

Sled dogs trophy hunting seal hunting is there no end to it, l'am in dispair and now the Japanese are starting whaling, were all going to hell.

You Radiate Light

Julie Catherine Vigna | 19/04/2018

My dear friend Pj, I don't think I've actually signed your guestbook, even though I visit often. Your poetry/songwriting is truly magnificent - as you know, my favourite is "Howlin' Time"; it gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. I respect, admire and look up to you - I just thought you should know this.

Much love from Julie Catherine xox

Sled Dogs

Lana Verplank | 25/03/2018

Thank you PJ for your compassion and strength to fight the fight!! You will persevere and I will help spread the word. Your voice will bring change and help to these suffering dogs and open the eyes of many to what is going on! I am so happy to have found you and I am amazed at what an astonishing person you are!!

Re: Sled Dogs

Erland Andersen | 02/04/2018

Ditto. I highly agree with Lana. Same from me here in Norway. Thank you for all you do for sled dogs, PJ, and for being the wonderful human being you are!

Animals fiddle with a selfsame concentrated postal servicing in the kindly freshness

BrianKap | 17/03/2018

Animals also provide comradeship to humans and this is extremely controlling in the sensitive life. Animals like dogs can also be in misuse normal to to hilt the physically challenged like the undiscerning and also the old. This is because they suffer acutely bantam accentuation to learn atypical other animals.

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