Your work, Canada

DG Peterson (Darlene) @dgp1496 | 06/12/2016

So honoured to e-meet you on Twitter. I'm also a proud Canadian (Vancouver,BC) and writer. I love your poems and songs, especially Howlin' Time. I love the North, too, and was lucky to travel with my son as far as PG then on to Gingolx, north of Terrace. Hope someday to meet you in person!

Beautiful photos

Rebecca Boyle | 29/10/2016

Thank you for sharing the beautiful place where you live.

hello sweet lady

annie! | 07/10/2016

just realized you have a guest book! keep up the good work! you are such an awesome awesome lady.

i'm blessed to have you as a friend.


The Yukon and thankz

Cazzy the Alien | 23/09/2016

Thank you PJ for the follow on Twitter. Alzo juzt wanted to zay...very nice picturez of the Yukon. I ezpecially liked that little cabin you uzed to live in. Makez me want to go "Off the Grid" Iz it vacant now? :)


The Alien

Love the website

Lockie Young | 14/08/2016

Hey PJ. Greetings from the East coast, Canada. I'm impressed by your beautiful website, and your poetry has touched my heart. Thanks for sharing your amazing gift.


Smurf | 04/06/2016

Glad i got to see the real you!!
Great pics, and even better poetry..
Good luck my friend

Rymes of the raven Lady

kermitt miller | 09/05/2016

I have always been impressed with Yukon and
you make it even more enjoyable.

Great website

Candice James | 30/08/2015

Such a lovely website it!


Celina Nutt | 08/09/2014

Hi PJ,
Here I am again visiting your blog ...... I love your video I am with you in spirit ..... just what I needed. THANKS

Hey George

"George" isn't eveyone? | 17/06/2014

Lots of you all in one place, love it my friend. And your blonde sidekick too. Hugs to you from me. :) Have a wonderful Yukon Summer.

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