Great website

Candice James | 30/08/2015

Such a lovely website it!


Celina Nutt | 08/09/2014

Hi PJ,
Here I am again visiting your blog ...... I love your video I am with you in spirit ..... just what I needed. THANKS

Hey George

"George" isn't eveyone? | 17/06/2014

Lots of you all in one place, love it my friend. And your blonde sidekick too. Hugs to you from me. :) Have a wonderful Yukon Summer.

Love the site, PJ

Olan L. Smith | 10/06/2014

This looks lovely, PJ, and I hope it becomes the center of your work. LPF, Olan.


Celina Nutt | 17/03/2014

Thanks PJ for sharing, always a treat to be on your site !

Class Job Website

BSDVisions | 24/02/2014

Love it PJ - especially the pics "Looking Back". Very nice work, will visit often!

all over impression

Celina Nutt | 20/02/2014

I think you are wonderful, a woman of many talents !

Very nice

Catherine Springett | 18/02/2014

You have done an incredible job! Congratulations sister-in-law!


Julie Catherine | 09/02/2014

Congratulations on your lovely new website, PJ. I hugely admire your work, and 'Howlin Time' is forever my favourite of your incredibly beautiful and haunting poems. Wishing you all the best, and sending love and hugs from Vernon, BC! xoxox


Terri Johnston Fraracci | 06/02/2014

Lookin' good, Sis :). I like having your various creative talents represented in one place. Rock on!

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