Julie Catherine | 09/02/2014

Congratulations on your lovely new website, PJ. I hugely admire your work, and 'Howlin Time' is forever my favourite of your incredibly beautiful and haunting poems. Wishing you all the best, and sending love and hugs from Vernon, BC! xoxox


Terri Johnston Fraracci | 06/02/2014

Lookin' good, Sis :). I like having your various creative talents represented in one place. Rock on!

Lovely Site, PJ.

Olan L. Smith | 06/02/2014

I am impressed, a wonderful site to call home, but I am sure on a warm day you would rather be outside composing poetry, feeling the wind in your hair, or the land beneath your feet. I wish you the very best in all you endevors. LPF, Olan.


Poetry Train | 06/02/2014

Thank you pj... I have added a link to here on for you...

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