My Yukon! More Pics 2016

October 28th 2016: So I've been thinking about branching out. Hard to believe this was taken a little over a month ago!

Meeting with the Honourable Larry Bagnell, Yukon Member of Parliament. When attending meetings as Poet Laureate I like to dress Yukon Formal.

You can always tell when fall is about to make an entrance - there's that certain snap in the air.


September 28th 2016: New pics of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they attend a street party in Whitehorse Yukon. - An aside: as Prince William approached me he looked me straight in the eye and said "I suppose your hands are cold too!" I just laughed as he shook my hand. I always knew that if I just waited long enough my prince would come!

Everyone gathers on Main Street Whitehorse - waiting. It's zero degrees this morning but no one cares....

There she is - The Duchess of Cambridge!

A model of grace and elegance - she is clearly a hit!


Prince Williams approaches as an elder waits patiently holding a bouquet hoping he'll say hello.

He does! She'll remember this forever.

About a second after I took this picture Prince William spoke to me and shook my hand. - It's not every day a future king shakes your hand! Pure charm and charisma and the most gorgeous blue eyes ever!


September 19 2016: My travels down through the Chilkat Valley, Carcross Yukon, and back home in Whitehorse. A great time was had by all!

                                  Welcome To Carcross Yukon!

                                           I never read signs....

             On To Haines Junction - Chilkat Valley - Haines Alaska!

                               Camper dwarfed by massive glacier.

                                  The beauty of a mountain glacier.

                           Windswept mountain near Haines Alaska.

                                      Dropping by my old haunt....

                                            The glory of Yukon fall!

 It's always an adventure exploring my homeland. My Yukon ~ she feeds my soul!