At this time of year the foxes, lynx bears, wolves and coyotes start to prowl around the Yukon. Sometimes I hold my phone out the back door when the coyotes are out there yip-yapping. These are from a band that camps by a creek near my place.
We all need to stand up and speak out to protect the precious creatures with whom we share this planet. When you speak for those who have no voice your soul smiles. - pj johnson Poet Laureate of the Yukon




An interview on CIUT FM featuring pj johnson Poet Laureate of the Yukon.


January 1 2021


Songwriters are some of the most accomplished poets and Canada has some of the finest.


Poetry requires a precision of the written word

while music is a universal expression of spirit.

When put together you get magic.

Let us celebrate the writers of song who bring us light.


the writers of song


today i celebrate the artists

who bring us new hope

and help us to keep hope alive

when we need it the most


the crafters of words and music

that move us to celebrate liberate and venerate

who speak for us when we have no words

and give us words to speak when we need them


who show us how to grieve and share our hearts

and when to speak and when to be silent

how to laugh and when to cry

when to sing and how to fly


these are the makers of the songs that paint our lives

and gift us with sweet memories

that fill our hearts when they are empty

and show us how to fall in love


these are the maestros

the weavers of story the healers of hearts

some of the finest poets who ever dared

to pick up a pen


they are the writers of song

and i salute them

please join me


©pj johnson Poet Laureate of the Yukon

December 31 2020