The Yukon!


The Yukon is a vast land of 186,272 square miles of some of the most pristine unspoiled wilderness in the world. It is truly a place of endless magic and solitude that begs to be explored. Whether you choose to travel The Yukon by horseback, dogteam, quad, canoe, or just go by foot you'll never tire of the thrill of discovery.



                    Surveying the Yukon Valley from atop McIntyre Mountain
                    overlooking my mother's old ranch.


                                I never tire of exploring my homeland


     Lake Labarge, Yukon         Whitehorse, Yukon      Playing in my back yard


           The Carcross Desert, Yukon        Chadburn Lake, Yukon


My homeland is a photographer's dream - You can never take too many pictures!



  Me with my old friend O.D. outside the little Yukon cabin I once lived in.
                                    - A most humble home

 Matthew Watson General Store, Carcoss YT.      White Pass locomotive

Silent rails in Whitehorse - Me and #51 White Pass Locomotive - The first one over The Pass.


Gettin' down with the bass                                  Yukon Gals Rock!



Walking The Yukon River in winter with a friend















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